Education should never be a game of chance

If you agree, then read on.

But for millions of children currently locked out of school, education is like the roll of a dice.

In a twist on the classic children’s game Snakes & Ladders, Theirworld has created a new game - Keys & Locks: The Education Game - to show some of the opportunities and barriers faced by children around the world when it comes to getting a quality education.  

What happens if you’re one of the lucky ones, and what happens if you’re locked out and sent back to square one?

Education is facing even greater challenges because of Covid-19. If we’re going to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals in ten years’ time, then world leaders need to make decisions right now that are going to make a real difference, and make sure that education isn’t a game of chance. 

We have identified ten changemakers who, with your help, can make moves that will bring relief and hope to millions of children around the world. 

They are from different countries and organisations that work all over the world. But what they share in common is the understanding, the ability and the desire to take decisions in the next few months that will unlock big change for this generation of children. 

If you believe education shouldn't be a game of chance - then be part of our campaign. And together we can make a difference.

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